Tiger Install Diary 3

Well, now we’re starting to notice some of the smaller things about this release things become clearer. There isn’t much *POW* as the release of Panther that’s for sure – everything is about polishing surfaces and sharpening the edges up here.

Little things like the very small subtle noises in the finder – when a copy completes for example there is a light ‘ting’ – you might not notice straight away but are welcome. I’m not completely sure, but the anti-aliasing looks cleaner and sharper.

The Preview app now allows annotations with sticky-style text boxes or red marker style ovals. Very useful as Adobe Acrobat Reader takes the best part of a week to launch these days, and that’s before they integrate Flash.

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Issues? Always a few along the way. I needed to reinstall a driver for my Emagic 2|6 box, even after initially it worked ok – it disappeared after the iTunes guff yesterday. Also Energy Saver isn’t kicking in and sleeping my screens, which is a bit annoying. I’m sure there’s a simple fix for that eluding me.

Poking around the Dashboard Widgets documentation has got me interested in building a TiVo monitor widget first, with the potential for much more interesting and expansive experiments later as it supports web plugins – so re-purposing a Shockwave movie may well be possible really easily. Excellent!

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