About The Redesign

I realised I should make some notes about the new Bunker site design, partly because someone else might find it useful or interesting and also for myself if I have to come back in three months to fix something. That is, of course, assuming I ever finish it properly this time round.

First attempts at creating this 3 column layout failed dismally again until I found this resource which will generate clean working CSS layouts for you. Useful If like me you don’t have the patience anymore with the funked up CSS rendering cross browser issues that have persisted to make tables still the quickest way to get a site knocked up and reliably know it will look ok in all desktop browsers. It still needed some hacking to fit my banner into it properly, and that will be de-tabled and de-javascripted at some point.

Ok, onto the exciting stuff.

I hacked my TiVo up a couple of weeks ago adding a 120Gb drive (preformatted and installed with TivoNet and TivoWeb from Pacelink) and a TurboNet ethernet card (from Laser). All that stuff is pretty easy to do, apart from having to cut a hole in the metal case to let the ethernet cable out, which was a little fiddly.

TivoWeb is a web server that runs on your Tivo, easily accessible from a browser on the same network – although make sure your router is set up to allow the Tivo default IP address within its range. The first thing I wanted to get running was to have RSS feeds of what’s on and what’s going to be recorded in the future available. There are a couple of scripts which do this very well available on the Tivo Underground. I made a modified version of one of the scripts to get web-friendly output. The original script assigns an image number to the ‘state’ of each recording, which I use to set which CSS style to render. The code for numbers/states is as follows:

1 – Nothing (fresh recording, no icon)
3 – Yellow Blob (older recording)
5 – Yellow ! Blob (expired recording, will be deleted if space required)
0 – Green Blob (saved recording)
10 – Black Tivo Blob (automatic tivo suggestion recording) I hide these using CSS That was lame. I strip them out at the tivo now. Duh.
8 – Red Blob (recording in progress)
20 – er… don’t know!

I put episode title and description on a hover box with OverLib as used on the Radio Times website – ah ha, there’s an idea for later…

I used Cronnix (a timed automated script manager for OSX) to set up two terminal commands to do the following on an hourly routine:

Get the recordings list from the tivo and save them locally – curl -o Documents/nowshow.txt

Upload the latest recordings to the Bunker webserver – ftp -u ftp://www.neuromantics.net/public_html/bunker/tivo.txt Documents/nowshow.txt

The iTunes stuff is using Kung-Tunes to do a similar job, but updates with each song change from iTunes.

Flickr photostream to come next I guess. And Blogroll list thing. Hmm, there must be a better way of doing that kind of thing. Excerpt via RSS perhaps? If it’s one of my Flickr contacts why not link thru that, or maybe even a connections diagram thingum.

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