Week 17 ish

I’m restarting weeknotes! I stopped because I was working on exciting new stuff for our startup, but we were having to be a tiny bit quiet about things and i was bound to say too much. I dislike the ‘stealth’ term for startups, because we are not ninjas or bombers. But sometimes you do have to be a little bit discrete about things, for a short time at least. The last posts were talking about developing our logo, but without revealing the end result it felt a bit pointless. So, a pause.

Now, we’re beginning to emerge blinking into the sunlight. Days are feeling large, the office is buzzing and filling up rapidly. We have done a ton of work in a few different directions (too many at once? Hmm – almost…) but we’re almost there with a one-point-oh. Beta. We have data, we have a website, we have a publishing platform. We have a lot to do.

So not to leave it hanging, here’s a developer  job ad, on githubjobs.

And here’s a logo or two.

Arfinder logos

Artfinder logos

Left we have a reactive logo, that uses colour frequency analysis of your recently viewed content to visualise ‘your’ logo. On the right we have the vanilla.

Enough revealed for this week. More, next.


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