One. Last. Push.

Got some free time, what with it being the traditional freelancer december/january drought so it’s time to fix this site up once and for all. I’ve been trying to handle the panel borders using CSS box model padding, which in theory is the perfect way to do it. Unfortunately it just hasn’t gone my way as while the box model is fine, the implementations of it on different browsers isn’t reliable.

Yeah, I’m a pixel nazi so I want the real life design to match my original photoshop screens as much as humanly possible. I’ve got a couple of ideas of ways to work around this browser flaw which *hopefully* one of them will work across all without being as much as a pixlet out. Ha! So for the next couple of days things might move around and generally look quite broken – sorry about that! I recommend getting the new RSS feeds i have with the full content posted inside – rss2_full.xml.


Update: This helps –

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