Week 472

As this week passes it’s apex I’ve just about run out of room for manoeuvre on this iteration of the design. I’ve got some good things going, which we will probably stick with and some things that haven’t worked too well. Luckily some of these elements (UI bits for content manipulation tools) are things I’ve been leaving very basic, so am keen to go deeper on those anyway – a promising idea presented itself while walking the dog no less.

Basic layouts and navigation ideas have begun to blossom into something with a solid basis (referencing the Eamse’s Powers of 10 and Zooming User Interfaces) – implementation needs improving, but there’s definitely something there. Plus I’ve hopefully set the tone of a product that has less hoops to jump through and more cake. (Achievements and rewards vs direction and requests).

All that said, the next run needs to progress quicker and feel much more immersive while remaining, you know, buildable at some point.


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