Week 470

Bit late this week, but it’s technically still this week, so there. I had a good chunk of the wireframes done by the start of the week, but they didn’t really sing or convey some of the qualities I had in mind for the product. To fix this I’ve dived into the other extreme and have spent a few days this week making a really glossy UX demo in After Effects.

Although some of the visual tricks I’m using on this aren’t quite possible in a web renderer just yet (getting very close though… 3D transformations in CSS here). For visualising how things might stretch on better than browser platforms though (smartphones, consoles and tablets) it’s ideal. Knocking back the fidelity of the transitions on less capable platforms will be fine – the quality here is in the layout, functionality and experience.

There’s a bit more to do over the weekend to extend this 1min video a little and revisit the wireframes with the adhoc changes and improvements I made while tweaking the UI as I animated. There’s something to be said for the speed and detail level animating makes you work (ie. slowly and closely) – you spot the clunkers easily and finesse the tiny marks. Anyway, onwards a busy week ahead.


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