Getting Organised

So I’ve been entirely swamped for most of this year, working a minimum of two freelance gigs at once while keeping tabs on and shepherding TIOTI in the gaps. It has been exhausting and I’m starting to feel it, the breathers I get when I’m actually on top of all the things going on are too infrequent. So it’s time to get organised!

First thing is the hellish .Mac performance these past few months – Sync? You must be kidding. It’s rubbish, and I do rely on iCal to plan as well as record billable days. But its not working, nightmare. After messing with .mac sync once again i’m going to give MySync a whirl and report how that goes. I’m also going to try out OSX Leopard as that has entirely new syncing built in, and it’s retro-fittable to Tiger too. Report will follow.

Ok, so that’s my time, future and past, sorted. Next up, words and ideas. I’m trying out a few notetaking apps at the moment, to make sense of the far too much RSS surfing I do. Omni Outliner looks like the leader so far, but annoyed me by being seemingly unable to alphabetise a list of email addresses. Yo Jimbo looks good, has .Mac syncing of notes and deserves a more robust playing with. I’m also trying out Sidenote which sort of works for me but has a couple of bugs that have irked me already.

I’m going to give them all a week or two longer and see what works for me, but if anyone has suggestions, please tell.

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