Old vs New

Writing this entry actually hurts me, more than I can say, but it needs to be written. I had a drink with an old friend who works in a sphere very close to mine – interactive TV advertising – and we really had a difference of opinion that has thown me sideways. Our conversation, after the usual gossip and catching up, veered to the advertising industry, which I normally keep as far from as practically possible. Our chat turned towards the future and this is where we diverged dramatically (as we always do). He insisted that the media buying and owning staus quo would remain in play indefintely whatever happened technologically in the near future – I have a more optimistic view that we might finally be liberated from the strangle of heavyweight advertising interests.

It got nasty, he cited the fact that News International could demand a war when required, buy respected movie ‘review’ opinion when needed for any advertisers need. I throw back the destruction of flakey hollywood prospective blockbusters after a first night SMS frenzy from a disappointed crowd.

The battle between old monolithic “do what we tell yo” media and new distributed “I’ll ask my friends, thanks” media has shaken me. I am shocked with the fierceness of his fight, the belief in the power of advertising. Am I following the wrong path here? Is this a battle that dispite the best minds of our generation, we just get bought out by Murdoch and eat the corporate dollar? Is there a point?

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