OSX Font Management

I probably ranted about this way back, but it looks like there is a solution.

I’d like to point out that this is really only relevant to designers, people who happily have hundreds of fonts kicking around, CD’s full. Your average user will be fine with no font management, or just sucky Fontbook.

When Panther arrived, everyone had very high hopes for the new OSX Fontbook. Unfortunately it turned out to suck – really suck, so it was back to the 3rd party applications that never quite matched the elegant joy of old ATM Deluxe on OS9. I never really got on with SuitcaseX and ended up using Master Juggler for ages, although it was still sub optimal and very very slow. I had resigned myself to the situation and ignored it… until in walks Linotype’s new Font ExplorerX.

Font ExplorerX is just exiting beta, is a free download, is cross platform, and just damn works how it should. It can intercept font requests from Quark and Indesign to load up your active fonts on demand if you handle lots of documents from different designers and sources. It offers you the choice of moving or copying fonts from your file system. it has an *almost* great interface – very iTunes… indeed it even includes a Linotype Font Shop online built right in – smart. Very smart. It also seems to handle previews quickly and crash free, unlike the competition.

Best of all … it just works. Only took 5 years to get here, but I’m glad we did.

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