Some Apple Guff

Long time, no updates. As usual it’s been a combination of work and life pressures plus it is, like, summer you know? So, topically, let’s hit on some Apple guff first. I did a whole load of software updates as being at least a little wise, one never updates or upgrades a working set up mid-project and we’ve just had a few wind up nicely. I think I skipped a few interim versions, but iTunes 5 is the big one here.

New gradient UI hotness, we like, as do we like the podcasts feature now that there are some half decent ones around. Mixtapes essentially, god forbid I start listening to bedroom DJ types waffling on, christ. Can it handle .zip, .torrent or other podcast filetypes? Can it bugger. So you won’t be getting our hot new mixtape through it then – use iPodder or any RSS newsreader – still there’s always the usual download page. Go on get it, we’ll wait.

Back? Great. Now I’m not sure if my ears are deceiving me, but the sound quality sounds a bit better to me. Could be wrong. So in addition to a big-ish new iTunes we get the iPod Nano… What? It is a thing of beauty. I do declare I want one very much, tape it to the back of a RAZR and it’d still be a better phone than the horrible ROKR thing they brought out the same day. I don’t know, the fuss about this is very undeserving really – doesn’t connect to the store, doesn’t include any unique hardware synergy like a scroll-wheel or just… anything? Am I missing something? It’s just an iPod like UI (except, not) to play iTMS DRM’d tunes on a phone? Phhht, care?

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