A Couple Of Apple Maneuvers

The penny in the previous post finally drops with these:
Apple in talks with Intel, WSJ claims (The Register) and Steve Jobs announces iTunes to “do” Podcasts (Engadget) tickled my imagination into action.

See, if you were to release a really cut down media tablet-PC-style client and video-on-airport-express combo you wouldn’t really need a full OS and interface to handle it. You’d probably want something akin to *ah-ha* a fixed media-centrist style interface (iTunes) on a tablet touchscreen, a multimedia framework including streaming server, and a robust unix system to run it all. Well, iTunes, Quicktime and Darwin/BSD all run on Intel already, no? Intel does cheap tablet-ideal chips with wifi already, no?

Could this + the resurfaced apple tablet rumours a week ago be the beginnings of a home media centre play by Apple? Looks like it from here. The podcasting element? That’s just positioning everything ready for the so imminent it bloody hurts explosion in IPTV about to keep all us emerging tech/media geeks extremely busy this summer.

updated: And then I read the latest Cringely. Ah-ha.

I really can’t say any more than a) Neuromantics are going to making some very nice things very soon and b) I might as well pre-beta-soft launch our work in progress news/analysis/blog thing here while I can.

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