2lmc spool aren't happy

Goodness, surprise the 2mlc geeks don’t like it but 2lmc spool – On Tiger: Wake the fuck up, people hey let’s shoot some fish…

1) it’s not a *wow* upgrade like Panther was, but does definitely bring a faster, cleaner feeling OS to Mac users. Recently proven in speed tests

2) Dashboard may be useful for some, not me, but I probably wlil get round to making a nice widget sometime. A tivo thing most likely. Useful to about 200 people max…

3) Automator is ok for people who aren’t like 2mlc to make scripty things. I am annoyed by the lack of a scheduling component tho… By then i guess learn some CLI and cron stuff if important to you. I did.

4) Spotlight isn’t fast? Huh? Show me a search with the depth and breadth for faster… If you just want keyboard access to stuff you *know* then use Quicksilver surely?

5) Paying through the nose yearly? Speak for yourself. Firstly they are clearly not doing the yearly deal (Panther was in my grubby hands October 2003) and lets be realistic here about licenses – it’s just not the same game let alone ballpark as MS.

6) Stuff still doesn’t work like magic – iSync, yes i’m pointing at you – but fucking hell, if you think it’s going to be shit then wait and find out before buying it dude.

Whatever, fucking lamer london mac geeks think, its a pretty good package. Why not download it and try it out for yourself first to see?

Dumbasses… sheesh…

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