Jan 04

Playboy Covers – The 80's

Just mucking about…


Jan 04

Some Nice Links

God, this is so ‘Bloggie’ and I hate it but this is for my own notes so I’ll have to deal with it. Recent sites I am liking very much.

The Hidden Persuader Ace blog and resource on advertising.

Now That’s What I Call Music Oh, I’m so gonna scrape your XML. Oh yes I am.

Defective Yeti Have I mentioned this before? Probably my favourite blog read. Matthew is very funny.

The UK Tivo Community Has saved my ass (ok, my tivo) more than a couple of times. Top quality geeks.

Mac Serial Junkie Enough said about that, the better.

Er… that’ll do for now. May edit later.

Jan 04

TiVo Defusing TV For Kids

This excellent piece expands on thoughts I’ve been having about Tivo for a while now. Essentially looking at the Tivo-enhanced TV experience from a three year olds viewpoint, who has never known TV without it.

I had the experience of watching TV for pretty much the first time in a year sans-tivo over xmas. It was alarming. The number of adverts, the shackles of the schedule weighing heavy, the general couch-potato-ness of it all (although that could be my sedentary parents – also a scary thing to witness). Most shockingly the sheer amount of complete crap you watch simply because it’s on. Never again…

I just wish Tivo would sort out a Series 2 UK partner, or even better get that newly announced HDTV Tivo (with 4 tuners!) over here quicksmart.

(For what it’s worth, sky+ != tivo)

Found via foe romeo: Growing up with TiVo

Jan 04

New Apple Goodies

Cute little (but not that cheap) iPod mini’s are really clever. I want to see how the new “click-wheel” works in real life, but I imagine it’s great. Clever branding here too, what with hijacking the coolness of the Mini (car) which fits Apple’s target market to a tee plus the first move to seperate the ‘big’ iPod away from just music. Next up, your home directory in OSX (and others?) running on it, colour, video, wireless services, all becoming a powerful (and remaining pricey/high margin) item.

GarageBand looks great too – much fun will be had with that. Yeah, I’ve got the kit, Reason, etc but its all so hard to find the time to dig deep and get into proper music stuff to get the most out of it. This might be enough to fill the lower end of my learning curve on audio software finally.

Best quote, from Daring Fireball, talking about the demo of MS Office 2004:

The relative silence of the keynote audience during their segment was telling. It

Jan 04

Bomb Air

Sorry, this image popped in my head reading about BA’s cancelled flights today so I had to get it out.

bomb air